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150 Million years old Unknown & Unseen Secret Tunnel in Borra Caves

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Madras Crocodile Bank Trust

Madras Crocodile Bank Trust started in 1976 to protect marsh, saltwater and gharial crocodiles from extinction.It is one of the biggest reptile zoo in the world spread across 8.5 acre's. It's not just trust, It's a registered zoo also. 

It is on the way to Mahabalipuram and 40 km from Madras (Chennai). Here you can see different species of crocodiles in thousands. In this zoo you can see different variety of crocodiles, different variety of tortoise, different  variety of snakes (green anaconda) and different variety of lizards like iguanas can be seen. 2000+ animals existed in this park.

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Alipiri to Tirumala in 2000 frames ll Kiran Varma

Hyperlapse Photography from Alipiri to Tirumala in 2000 frames, one frame for every seven steps. Alipiri is an ancient footsteps path to Tirumala, also known as Alipiri Metlu. By taking this path to reach Tirumala Devotees fulfil their Vow to Lord Venkateswara.

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Tourist places from Lambasingi to Araku

This video shows a small glimpse of Important Temples and Tourist places From Lambasingi to Araku surroundings. Watch this video before you are planing your trip, i think it helps you a lot. This is a place where you can touch the sky being on ground.

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Lambasingi - Paderu Trip

Exploring the beauty of Nature from Lambasingi to Paderu with few of my best buddy's. Don't just sit tight, plan a trip to this place to embrace the beauty of Nature.
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Polluru Waterfalls - East Godavari

Looking for a place far from all headaches then Polluru Waterfalls is your weekend destination. It is the best beautiful waterfall in East Godavari District. 

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Place Name                   : Polluru Waterfalls

Timings                          : 9am - 6pm
Festivals                         : Polluru Waterfalls jatara
Famous for                    : Sightseeing
Mostly preferred by     : Family's, groups, couples & youth
Best time to visit          : Oct - Feb (Avoid during heavy rainfalls)
Ideal Trip Duration Time : 3-6 hrs
Transport                        : Own vehicle is best option
                            Airport : Rajamahendravaram (135km)                            Train     : Rajamahendravaram (152km), Bhadrachalam (102km)                             Bus       : Rajamahendravaram (152km), Bhadrachalam (102km)
Accommodation            : Rajamahendravaram (152km), Bhadrachalam (102km)
Nearest town/city         …

Pallavelli Resort In Time Lapse

My journey and experiences of Mysterious Saleshwaram Temple ll Nallamala...

This Vlog is about my journey and experiences of Mysterious Saleshwaram Temple. It is also called as telangana amarnath yatra. If possible don't miss to visit here. Hope you will like this video.

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