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Polluru Waterfalls - East Godavari

Looking for a place far from all headaches then Polluru Waterfalls is your weekend destination. It is the best beautiful waterfall in East Godavari District. 

For complete Information about this place ⥥ watch the video ⥥

Watch the Video

Place Name                   : Polluru Waterfalls

Timings                          : 9am - 6pm
Festivals                         : Polluru Waterfalls jatara
Famous for                    : Sightseeing
Mostly preferred by     : Family's, groups, couples & youth
Best time to visit          : Oct - Feb (Avoid during heavy rainfalls)
Ideal Trip Duration Time : 3-6 hrs
Transport                        : Own vehicle is best option
                            Airport : Rajamahendravaram (135km)                            Train     : Rajamahendravaram (152km), Bhadrachalam (102km)                             Bus       : Rajamahendravaram (152km), Bhadrachalam (102km)
Accommodation            : Rajamahendravaram (152km), Bhadrachalam (102km)
Nearest town/city         …