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Bandaruvanipeta lighthouse

Kalingapatnam was one of the oldest harbor in India.

It is once capital for Gang Dynasty (8-15 century).

Goods like Perfumes, textiles are exported from here.

Ships from here sailed to Singapore, Malaysia, java, Sumatra, Rangoon and Srilanka.

To restrict other foreign invaders port was closed during British rule.

Light house is said to be built during British rule.

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Place Name                        : Bandaruvanipeta lighthouse

Timings                               : None

Mostly preferred by          : enthusiastic persons only

Best time to visit                : mornings & evenings

Ideal Trip Duration Time : 1-2hrs

Transport : For every 1 hr buses are available from Srikakulam
            Airways : visakhapatnam (140)
            Railways: Srikakulam Road (30km)

Accommodation            : Srikakulam (29km)

Nearest town/city         : Kalingapatnam (2km), Srikakulam (29km)

Networks Available      : Airtel,Cellone,Idea,Reliance,Unitech,Vodafone

Near by Hospitals         : Kalingapatnam (2km), Srikakulam (29km)

Near by Police Station : Gara Police Station          8942 - 233133 , 9440795821

Near by Banks/atm's   : Kalingapatnam (2km) Axis.

Internet Availability   : Kalingapatnam (2km)

Pin code : 532406      STD Code : 91 8942