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Sri Someswara Swamy Temple @ Kodulagumpa / Gumpa

Famous Shiva Temple, One of the ancient and historical place Known as Sri Someswara Swamy Temple @ Kodulagumpa

This is where rivers Nagavali & Champavathi merges into one.
Sri Someswara Swamy linga pratista was done by Lord Balarama, It is said the river nagavali was dug by him with his nagali hence it's called as nagavali river.

It is one among the five Pancharama Kshetras (all five linga's pratista was done by Lord Balarama in single day) around Srikakulam district. People believe those who visit all these 5 temples in single day can gain moksha.

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Temple Timings           : 5am - 12pm  5pm - 7pm

Mostly preferred by     : Familys,Couples,Groups and Students.

Festivals                         : Maha Shivaratri, Karthika Masam.

Best time to visit          : Mornings & Evenings

Ideal Trip Duration Time  : 1-2hr

Transport                        : Own vehicle is best option.
                                          Buses available from Parvathipuram(13 km)
                            Railways : Vizianagaram (98 km), Gumada Station (10 km)
                            Airways  : Visakhapatnam (157 km)

Accommodation            : Parvathipuram (13 km)

Nearest town/city         : Parvathipuram (13 km)

Networks Available      : Airtel,Cellone,Idea,Vodafone.

Near by Hospitals         : Parvathipuram (13 km)

Near by Police Station : Parvathipuram (13 km) 8963 - 221033, 221034

Near by Banks/Atm's  : Parvathipuram (13 km)

Internet Availability    : Parvathipuram (13 km)

Pin code                         : 535524

STD Code                      : 08963


  1. Thank you very much for posting information, I am native from Komarada which is 8 kilometres from this location.


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