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Polamamba Ammavari Temple - Sambara

Polamamba Ammavari Temple @ Sambara is just 20 km from Salur of Vizianagaram district in Andhra Pradesh. She is village goddess of Sambara.

There are two temples in this village one is inside the village and the other one is outside the village. These temples are said to be very old and famous around this place. Along with local people thousands of devotees visit here from Odisha, chhattisgarh and madhya pradesh.

Every year in January temple celebrations will take place grandly.       
If you are visiting this place during monsoons / winter you will really fell in love with this place.

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Place name                       : Polamamba Ammavari Temple

Timings                            : 5 Am - 8 Pm

Mostly preferred by      : Familys,Couples and Students.

Festivals                          : Ammavari Utsavalu in january

Best time to visit            : monsoons / winter

Ideal Trip Duration Time  : 2 - 3 hrs

Transport                        : Own vehicle is best option.
                                          Buses are available from Salur (20 km),
                                          Bobbili (23 km) Parvathipuram (40 km)
                         Railways : Salur (20 km),Bobbili (23 km)Vizianagaram (76 km)
                         Airways  : Visakhapatnam (136 km)

Accommodation             : Salur (20 km), Bobbili (23 km)

Nearest town/city          : Salur (20 km), Bobbili (23 km)

Networks Available       : Airtel,Cellone,Idea,Vodafone,

Near by Hospitals          : Sambara, Salur (20 km), Bobbili (23 km)

Near by Police Station  : Makkuva (7 km) 8964 - 253833

Near by Banks/Atm's   : Salur (20 km), Bobbili (23 km)

Internet Availability     : Salur (20 km), Bobbili (23 km)

Pin code                          : 535593        

STD Code                       : 08964