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Gurubhakthula konda - Buddhist Monastery (Ramatheertham)

The central hill is known as the Gurabaktakonda (Gurubhakthulakonda) and it is high up on its northern side that the ruined Buddhist monastery stands. The hill is formed of precipitous bare solid rock, rounded on the top and about 500 feet in height. Near its south summit, under a vertical wall of rock is a perennial spring, beside which are a ruined brick mound and some Jaina images. On the rooky summit are some brick mounds. On the north face of the hill at a height of about 400 feet from the base is a long irregular rooky platform 903 feet in length and averaging more than 100 feet in breadth. The hill above it extends throughout its whole length in a vertical wall of rook about 100 feet high. Natural irregularities in the northern face of the platform have been made up by retaining walls of stone masonry.
                                                                                                   - wikipedia

Note : Carry lot of water on sunny days, avoid taking elderly people and be careful as it is covered with thick bushes snakes may be present.

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Place Name                   : Gurubhakthula konda

Timings                          : 6AM - 5PM

Mostly preferred by     : Groups, Familys, Students and couples

Best time to visit           : June - March

Ideal Trip Duration Time : 1-2hrs

Transport                        : Own vehicle is best option
                           Airport : Visakhapatnam (73km)
                            Trian    : Vizianagaram (14 km)
                             Bus      : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Accomodiation               : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Nearest town/city          : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Networks Available       : Airtel,Idea,vodafone, cellone, Reliance, Tata Dococmo & Unitech

Near by Hospitals         : Ramatheertham, Vizianagaram (14 km)

Near by Police Station : Nellimarla (6km) 8922 - 244233

Near by Banks/atm's   : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Internet Availability    : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Pin code : 535218      STD Code : 91 8922