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Srimukhalingeswara Temple - Srimukhalingam

Srimukhalingam village in Srikakulam District having Three Ancient Temples of Lord Shiva (Madhukeswara, Someswara and Bheemeswara)

This is also known as Dakshina Kaasi of South India.You can find references of this temple in Skandha Puraanam.

You can see Facial Carving on main Deity of Lord Madhukeswara, hence this place is called as Srimukhalingam.

Srimukhalingam is once capital city of Eastern Ganga Chola Kings for 600 yrs before it shifted to Cuttack. As per stone Inscriptions in temple it is constructed between 9-11th century AD by Sri Kamarnava II. The Art work on these temples are Incredible.

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Place name                      : Srimukhalingam

Temple Timings             : 6 am - 8 pm

Festivals                           : Maha Shivaratri, Karthika Masam

Mostly preferred by       : Family's, Groups, Couples and Student

Annadanam                     : Saturday,Sunday & Monday.

Best time to visit             : Mornings and Evenings

Ideal Trip Duration Time  : 1-2hr

Transport                         : Buses available from Srikakulam (48 km) Narasannapeta(27 km)
                          Railways : Amadalavalasa "Srikakulam Road"(47 km)
                           Airways  : Visakhapatnam (157 km)

Accommodation             : Narasannapeta(27 km), Pathapatnam (28 km), Srikakulam (48 km) 

Nearest town/city          : Narasannapeta(27 km), Pathapatnam (28 km)

Networks Available       : Airtel, Cellone, Idea, Vodafone

Near by Hospitals         : Atchutapuram (3 km)

Near by Police Station : Hiramandalam (17 km), 

Near by Banks/atm's   : Narasannapeta(27 km), Pathapatnam (28 km)

Internet Availability    : Narasannapeta(27 km), Pathapatnam (28 km)

Pin code                         : 532428

STD Code                      : 08945