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Sree Neelakanteswara Temple - Pathapatnam

Sri Neelakanteswara temple is just beside river Mahendra Tanaya in Patapatnam town of Srikakulam district. May be this the only place where you can see Lord Shiva resides in water for almost 6 months every year. No one knows from where the water comes and disappears.

Devotees believe that there is a secret under ground connection from Mahendra Tanaya river to the temple premises.

As per the Sasanas on temple rocks it is built between 1656 and 1674 by Maharaja Mukundha Gajapati Narayana of Parlakimidi (Eastern Ganga dynasty Gajapati king)

In this temple you can witness 53kg Panchaloha Nandeeswara as main Attraction.

You can also find Kasi Visveswara Swamy, Loka Natheswara Swamy,Kedareswara Swamy and Rama lingeswara Swamy temples in same premises of Main temple.

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Place name                           : Sree Neelakanteswara Temple

Timings                                 : Monday 3am - 12pm
                                                  4:30am -12pm 4:30pm - 7pm

Mostly preferred by            : Groups,Family's,couples and students

Best time to visit                 : Mornings and Evenings

Ideal Trip Duration Time  : 1-2hrs

Transport                         : Own vehicle is best option,  You can get buses from Narasannapeta(43km), Palasa(43km),Srikakulam(65km)
                         Railways : Pathapatnam,Paralakhemundi(4km),Palasa(43km)
                         Airways  : Visakhapatnam (174km)

Accommodation            : Pathapatnam

Nearest town/city         : Paralakhemundi(4km)

Festivals                          : Maha Shivaratri, karthika masam & kalyana utsavam

Networks Available      : Airtel,Cellone,Idea,Reliance,tata docomo,Vodafone

Near by Hospitals         : Pathapatnam

Near by Police Station : Pathapatnam 8946 - 255133 , 9440795854

Near by Banks/atm's   : Pathapatnam

Internet Availability    : Pathapatnam

Pin code                         : 532213       

Std code                         : 91 8946