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Dantapuram an Ancient Capital City

Dantapuram a small village in Srikakulam district. It is a site of great religious and historical significance. Known as Buddhas Tooth at Dantapura, Historians believe it to be the capital of Kalinga Kingdom. Emperor Asoka fought Kalinga War in 261 BC.

The word danta in Telugu language means Tooth. Archaeologists infer that one tooth of Lord Buddha was taken to Kandy in SriLanka from Dantapuram.While ancient Dantapuram sank into oblivion, Kandy receives tens of thousands of visitors every month.

Site which is within two miles from the railway station and where stands to this day a huge earthen wall about a mile in length and a large opening into it in the middle which is said to be the place where stood once the main gateway or the simhadvara into the fort and call the place Dantavuram.


A statue of Lord Buddha has been erected here in 2005 for the identification of this site as a Buddhist Heritage site, nearby groves consists of Buddhist remains.

The excavations in this place have revealed several stupas and antiquities such as beads of terracotta, semi-precious stone beads, ornaments, stone objects like muller, gems and white stones, and bone objects like stylus and comb. Other materials found here include pottery of various kinds - dull red ware, red ware, red polished ware, black ware, black polished ware and so on.

It is believed to be a place of Buddha religion and a shiddhardas living place. It is an important archeological place, called Boudha Gynana dantha puri because The Boudha Gynana dantha collected and presented by Arhat Kheru Terudu to Brahmadatta Raja of Kalinga. Brahma Datta Kalinga Raja constructed a monument on Boudha Gyana Dahtha in this place so the place is called Danthapuri.

My View : I have visited Dantapuram on April 2016. I felt this place is in its last stage, immediate Govt and Archaeological dept attention is needed.

Most of the locals don't even know it's importance and history. The park where Buddha statue is in now is adda for illegal activities(sex and for drinking). All the archaeological excavation are again covered with soil to protect, It's hard to identify even when you are in-front of them. One of the local told the site is under Illegal occupation. There is nothing much left hereto see. Most of the locals just think govt did excavation and took some ancient stuff that's it.

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Place Name                        : Dantapuram

Timings                               : Day time

Mostly preferred by          : Locals for illicit activities

Best time to visit                : Mornings and evenings

Ideal Trip Duration Time : 1-2hrs

Transport : For every 1hr buses are available from Amadalavalasa(9km)
            Railways : Amadalavalasa(9km)
            Airways  : Visakhapatnam(128)

Accommodation             : Amadalavalasa(9km)

Nearest town/city          : Amadalavalasa(9km), Srikakulam(23km)

Networks Available       : Airtel,Cellone,Idea,Reliance,Tata docomo,Unitech,Vodafone

Near by Hospitals         : Sailada(6km),Amadalavalasa(9km), Srikakulam(23km)

Near by Police Station : Amadalavalasa(9km), Srikakulam(23km)

Near by Banks/atm's   : Amadalavalasa(9km), Srikakulam(23km)

Internet Availability    : Amadalavalasa(9km), Srikakulam(23km)