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Sri Kurmanadha Temple - Srikurmam

According to inscriptions in the temple dated 1281 AD, the holy place of K├╝rmakshetra was reestablished by Sri Ramanujacharya under the influence of Jagannatha Deva at Jagannatha Puri. Later the temple came under the jurisdiction of the king of Vijayanagara. The temple is dedicated to Sri Kurmanatha, the second avatar of Lord Vishnu, Kurma Avatar. There is another temple of Kurmanatha in Kurmai of Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh,India. There is also a Yoganandha Narasimhan temple in front of Sri Kurmam temple. Simhachalam Devasthanam took the responsibility for the temple improvement. The moolasthanam (central piece) is considered to be large saligrama.

During Kritha Yuga, a pious king named Swetha Maharaj observed severe penance for many years. Pleased with his penance, Mahavishnu appeared as Kurmanatha Swamy or Vishnu in the Form of Tortoise. Brahma Deva himself took charge of the rituals and consecrated the Temple with Gopala Yantra. Swetha Pushkarini-The Lake in front of the Temple was formed by Sudarshana Chakra.Mahalakshmi emanated from this lake in Garuda Vahana in Varada Mudra posture as Kurma Nayaki.

                                                                                               - wikipedia

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Place name                      : Sri Kurmanadha Temple

Temple Timings             : 6 am - 11 am,  5 pm - 7:30 pm

Mostly preferred by       : Familys, Groups, Couples and Students

Festivals                           : Maha Shivaratri & Karthika Masam

Best time to visit            : Mornings and Evenings

Ideal Trip Duration Time  : 1-2 hrs

Transport                        : Srikakulam
                         Railways : Amadalavalasa "Srikakulam Road"(14 km)
                         Airways  : Visakhapatnam (109 km)

Accommodation            : Srikakulam

Nearest town/city         : Srikakulam

Networks Available      : Airtel,Cellone,Idea,Reliance,Vodafone,Unitech,Tata Docomo.

Near by Hospitals         : Srikakulam

Near by Police Station : Srikakulam

Near by Banks/atm's   : Srikakulam (All Major Banks)

Internet Availability     : Srikakulam

Pin code                          : 532001

STD Code                       : 08942