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Durgakonda Ghanikonda (Ramatheertham)

The northern hill is the Durgakonda, so named from an image of that goddess which stands in a natural cave at its western base. In front of this cave and on the rock above it are some mounds. They contain both Buddhist and Jaina remains.

                                                                                               - wikipedia

A per a local guide of me told Goddess Sri Durga Devi used to live here in Treta Yuga, during Lord Sri Rama exile he stayed in this place. People started visiting both Lord Rama and Sri Durga Devi coming from very far places to here. Then lord Rama got scared if people keep coming here means the food scarcity may occur in this place so he requested Goddess Sri Durga Devi to go and settle in Indrakeeladri and told he will not come that side. Later Lord Rama traveled from here via Chitrakonda to Bhadrachalam.

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Place Name                     : Durgakonda Ghanikonda

Timings                           : 6AM - 5PM

Mostly preferred by      : Groups, Familys, Students and couples

Best time to visit            : June - March

Ideal Trip Duration Time : 1-2hrs

Transport                        : Own vehicle is best option
                            Airport : Visakhapatnam (73km)
                            Trian    : Vizianagaram (14 km)
                             Bus      : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Accomodiation               : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Nearest town/city          : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Networks Available       : Airtel,Idea,vodafone, cellone, Reliance, Tata Dococmo & Unitech

Near by Hospitals         : Ramatheertham, Vizianagaram (14 km)

Near by Police Station : Nellimarla (6km) 8922 - 244233

Near by Banks/atm's   : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Internet Availability    : Vizianagaram (14 km)

Pin code : 535218      STD Code : 91 8922