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Buddhist Remnants site - Kalingapatnam

Excavation in Kalingapatnam revealed the existence of a large brick-built stupa which is having hub and wheel pattern plan.

The central of the stupa was found to be destroyed to a large extent.

Several sizes of bricks are used in the construction of the stupa. 

Few votive stupas of different diameters are on west side of main stupa.

PERIOD I     - Pre-Stupa level 300 BC TO AD 100
PERIOD II    - Main Stupa AD 100 TO 200
PERIOD III   - Later additions including AD 200 TO 400 Square enclosure wall

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Place Name                        : Buddhist Site - Kalingapatnam

Timings                               : 10am  - 5pm

Famous for                         : Ancient Buddhist Site

Mostly preferred by          : Enthusiast Persons, Mostly none

Best time to visit                : Mornings/Evenings

Ideal Trip Duration Time : 1-2hrs if watch-man is on duty.

Transport                         : Own vehicle is best option. You can get autos from Kalingapatnam (1.5km)
                          Railways : Srikakulam Road(28km)
                           Airways  : Visakhapatnam(140km)

Accommodation              : Kalingapatnam(1.5km), Srikakulam(27km)

Nearest town/city           : Kalingapatnam(1.5km), Srikakulam(27km)

Networks Available        : Airtel,Cellone,Idea,Reliance,Unitech,Vodafone

Near by Hospitals          : Gara(8km)

Near by Police Station : Gara Police Station          8942 - 233133 , 9440795821

Near by Banks/atm's    : Kalingapatnam (1.5km) Axis

Internet Availability     : Kalingapatnam (1.5km), Srikakulam (27km)

Pin code : 532406 STD       Code : 91 8942